SC Series Construction Hoist / K Type

SC Series Construction Hoist / M Type

◆ Adopting worm and gear reduction box with steady operation.
◆ Adopting phosphorization,immersion paint,hot galvanizing,corrosion protection,electrophoresis and other new process to make main parts.
◆ Adopting side hung ground access door.
◆ Equipped with fault automatic diagnosis,display and alarm system and variable-frequency speed control system.

SCQ Series Tilting Hoist

◆ This product is applicable to tower-type or tilting buildings such as bridge,chimney,mining and power plant.

◆ Adopting Q345 high quality steel to make main parts and going through phosphorization,immersion paint,hot galvanizing,corrosion protection,electrophoresis and other new process.

◆ Tilting adjustment mechanism for cage is a patented product.

◆ Tilting angle can be freely adjusted according to actual need.

◆ Equipped with variable-frequency speed control system.

SCP Series Construction Lifting Platform

◆ Driving principle os basically same as that of building hoist.

◆ Its main parts,such as mast section,gear and rack,all can be exchanged with those of building hoist.

◆ A variety of combinations of platform length and width,with strong applicability,convenient to install,dismantle and move.

◆ Equipped with manual sliding device and anti-incline protector.

◆ Large working plane of working platform,good view,high comfort level,and high production efficiency and safety performance.

◆ Widely applicable to construction,storage,plant curtain wall decoration and ornament ,as ideal equipment for vertical transportation and construction operation.

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